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The internet offers many places where you can sell your items to make money, many sites trade in online money where your money from selling the item has to be transferred to your bank account. This means that you have to wait for longer to get your money. Free classified advert sites have a great advantage because you could make money on the same day in some cases or get cash in your hand as soon as you have handed then item over.

Got items in your cupboard or drawers and meaning to get rid of them. Sell them on free classified advert sites and get your money quicker. All free classified advert sites require you to give out your contact details. You do not want to give out your personal number so you decide to give out the number of a new sim card that you have brought but this requires you to have a spare phone which you will need to keep on you and kept on at all times.

You may decide to give out your personal number and will use the provided by certain free classified advert sites to cover up your phone number. The only problem with this is that it cost money for the buyer to ring you which will put off certain buyers from enquiring about your items.


In respond to this sell all online are excited to introduce a telephone answering service to answer enquiries on behalf of people for the adverts that they have posted on free classifed advert sites. We will answer all enquiries and then phone you on your personal number with a place to meet the buyer, this service is not for business or trade people. Give us your personal number which will only use to contact to confirm the meet and this service means that you will not have to plaster your personal number over free classified advert sites for non-interested buyers to see.

The cost to use the service allows you to display our details as your contact details for the item you are selling on free classified advert sites. Please note you may only display our contact details once you have paid us and we have given you permission.

Any person who displays our contact details without getting permission from us will not have any buyers enquries answered and they will be reported to the website that the advert is on.

To use this service it will cost you a one off fee of £9.99 which will give lifetime access with the same contact details to display our details on the free classified advert site and this covers as many items as you want and on as many free classified advert sites that you have listed your items on.

Once we have given you permission put in our contact details and email us the link of your advert once it is up on the site.


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